Ecommerce Website Development in Ahmedabad

Over the last few years, e-commerce has changed people’s life. Covid-19 pandemic has made this channel a one-stop solution for all customers. People are now more comfortable shopping online than visiting an offline store. In this digital world when everything has gone digital, then why not online retail stores? Actually, most of the famous brands have already brought their retail stores online due to its extraordinary advantages. The main advantage of e-commerce is that consumers get all products under a single roof and they can order it from anywhere anytime which obviously makes our daily life easier. Owing to its scope and scale, the online store of a business helps to convert the online traffic into sales easily.

When it comes to building an e-commerce portal for a business, Parshwanath IT Services is one of the top e-commerce website development companies in Ahmedabad. We are known for our robust e-commerce solutions that has helped many businesses to achieve their online business goal. We ensure to deliver the best and most user-friendly experience to your visitors as your business deserves the best.

Any e-commerce platform has the potential to offer a lot depending on how well you want to scale it. Before planning to build an e-commerce website for your business, it is very important to have a fair idea about its mechanism. In this article, we have tried to collate all important things that one must know before starts an online business. So without further ado, let’s get started with various ecommerce business models you need to understand.

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    – Business-to-business (B2B)

    As the name refers this type of B2B model businesses sell products to other business or companies that enhance the business of buyer companies. Software companies like Salesforce, Survey monkey comes under this category. The products which are sold in this B2B platform are for the benefits of other businesses.

    – Business-to-consumer (B2C)

    The online businesses which serve directly to the consumers fall under this umbrella. This model is very straight forward as they directly sell the products to the end users online. The businesses which come under B2C model are the online stores we all visit on a regular basis and directly purchase from them like clothes, makeup, books, grocery etc.

    – Consumer-to-business (C2B)

    C2B is a type of ecommerce business model where consumers can enlist their work or businesses and bid for the opportunity. Affiliate marketing service comes under this category of ecommerce model.

    – Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

    It is a marketplace where a consumer can sell products to other consumers. There are few online tools like WooCommerce that allows consumers to exchange services or goods and make money out of it.

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