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Hire Magento Developer India: Mangento is one of the leading development platforms for ecommerce websites. There are two different versions of mangento. One is the priced edition of the company itself and the community editions. Its obvious that community edition is something many choose to work with as they can hire a magento developer at a lesser cost. There are many community plugins developed by magento developers which can be used for free or a small fee.

Mangento development includes, theme development for magento, PSD to Magento theme conversion, a fully powered ecommerce store with magneto, custom website being developed using the community edition of magento, and modules development as per needs. Each of these developments need support of a well experienced Magento developer. Choosing a developer is another big task you will be having front of you. Magento is one of the widely used platform, but you will not be able to find the right person until you better understand the capabilities of the developers. We have worked for you to identify those highly professional and experienced Magento developers, brought them under one roof, and deliver you a very high quality work. Our team of developers are very much capable of handling any kind of mangento developments, right from design to deployment. Magento needs a very high backend security as its very much vulnerable to hacks reason being community edition. This is where the real challenge of a developer comes in. We have identified the best security protocols required to ensure magento does all what you need, safe and secure.

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